Monday Open Community Night

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Monday Open Community Night

Mondays from 7pm to 8:30pm we have our open community night, where everyone who feels the tickle can come to join in on a facilitated session at our community house in Alozaina, Spain.

We give teaching sessions, narrated movies that show parables helpful for awakening, guided meditations or, like this Monday (June 17th 2013) we had two experiential exercises. The first one is a “Living Miracles classic”, where the song “Christ in You – Waterboys” is played. Everyone present has the opportunity to walk around the room and meet who ever is there, to look directly into each others eyes and let all the masks fall away. This is a very healing exercise and can bring up a lot in people, and the directness and intimate Love of the Spirit is palpable in the room.

The second exercise is what we call “Diads”, basically we take turns, in pairs, to “hold the space” for each other. One takes the perspective of the Holy Spirit, to see his brother without the story he is sharing, to not buy into whatever is being said, and to be in a state of “True Empathy”.  The other has an opportunity to share whatever is on his mind to be raised up into the light. This is a powerful exercise in being transparent and holding the space and seeing your brother without his story.

“To empathize does not mean to join in suffering, for that is what you must refuse to understand. That is the ego’s interpretation of empathy, and is always used to form a special relationship in which the suffering is shared. The capacity to empathize is very useful to the Holy Spirit, provided you let Him use it in His way. His way is very different. He does not understand suffering, and would have you teach it is not understandable. When He relates through you, He does not relate through your ego to another ego. He does not join in pain, understanding that healing pain is not accomplished by delusional attempts to enter into it, and lighten it by sharing the delusion.”
-ACIM, Chapter 16.1 True Empathy

During this evening we had friends joining us from the local village, and some even drove for 2 hours to join in our weekly event. The night was well received by everyone present and a joyful sharing circle, where everyone was invited to share their experiences of the evening, followed the exercises. So, if you are nearby and feel the spark to join us, please contact us for details on how to get here, and you will be warmly received. Here is the beautiful song that was played during one of the experiential exercises, enjoy:

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