Quickening in Community by Kristen

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Quickening in Community by Kristen

My experience in community here at La Casa de Milagros has been one of deepening purpose and expansion. Upon my arrival, I felt a profound sense of home. I felt that I was finally in an environment where true transformation could take place. And has taken place!

Old beliefs have been washed away in the torrents of the Mexican rain, and laughter has bubbled up without a logical reason. I have played in the garden (of Eden) like a child, and accepted the call to express that which has weighed heavy on the heart. I have felt the “rightness” of being radically honest, the peace of letting go, and the power of prayer. It feels like these, and a million other “tiny” moments have come together to form a larger experience of healing and Joy.

The mind continues to become clearer and clearer. I am more easily able to recognize detours from peace and offer them up to the Light. I am living from the place of Inspiration, allowing it to pour through me into new and exciting projects. I am aware of this being a reflection of my own willingness and devotion to Love, and for that I am grateful.

IMG_0337_800I feel deeply appreciative of my Mighty Companions here, who have opened their hearts and shared these experiences with me. To each and every one of them, I offer a prayer of thanks. It is their tremendous support, integrity, and open-mindedness that has helped to strengthen my trust in God.

I am reminded that the Awakening Mind communities are unique in that their sole purpose is the healing of the mind. That I have been led here is a miracle, and that I am encouraged to stay is even more amazing! I feel honored to be a part of this family.

Love always,


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  1. I so share your experience. We´re on the fast track for shore.
    Love always

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