Chevrolet Miracles, by Frances Allan

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Chevrolet Miracles, by Frances Allan

With much difficulty, two mighty companions brought my car to me  in Mexico from Utah. It would be primarily for community use. I have found it is no longer practical for me to own a car.  I have had to rely on others to help me with all my logistics. I felt it was time to pass it on to the community here, so I stated my decision to donate it. This felt guided and I experienced great relief at this decision. The car began to be used by the community.

IMG_1714However, later when I drove it, I perceived a very large stain on the upholstery of the driver’s seat that looked like spilled coffee.  This was very upsetting to me because the car was not yet the communities’ and I felt my donation was being dirtied in a disrespectful way.  I felt betrayed, after trusting the car to the community, it had not been cared for.  I exposed this in an expression session. The next morning I prayed about it and felt deep inner forgiveness about trusting and betrayal. Then I was prompted to go look in the car. I walked outside, looked inside, and the stain was gone!  Only three small spots were there! A miracle!! Maybe the big stain had been an hallucination. The true miracle was that I experienced healing of the guilt I had felt about my seeming betrayal of loved ones in the past. I heard the words from the Course:  “You can neither betray nor be betrayed”.  These beautiful words restored my peace.

The second Chevrolet miracle occurred around the need to re-permit the car so it could stay in Mexico.  The only way I was told to get a new permit was to drive the car, with me its owner, to the border motor vehicle registration place and back, a two-day trip.  I was in terror and totally resistant to making the trip with no cell phone, no Spanish and knowing the border towns were all in turbulence with drug “traficantes.”

IMG_1715I prayed to Spirit for help. Then our neighbor, Gustavo, told us there was another way. He introduced us to a government official who could do the car registration through his office, saving time, money and hassle!  Hallelujah!! The car has a new owner, and will soon have Mexican license plates. Now the car is safely in the stewardship of the community, for the benefit of the whole!

I am blessed writing this blog, as all parts of this story have been healing for me.

I love you!
Frances Allan



  1. Dear Frances, I have enjoyed watching the miracle unfold.

  2. Hi Frances! I love this ending to the story of your car! Holy Spirit uses everything. And I love that Gustavo saved the day!

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