Simply Thank You, by Colin Carter

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Simply Thank You, by Colin Carter

I have been living in spiritual community for a few years now, although I’ve only been a part of the community here in Mexico for about three weeks. I feel as though these years of mind training are really starting to bear fruit. I am having frequent days where I cannot contain the joy and gratitude in my heart.

And it is being reflected everywhere.

We just finished one of our lunch expression sessions and the joy, love and gratitude was pouring out of my companions. It is so felt. Several of us were expressing our love and appreciation for Greg and Emily who leave tomorrow, after a three-month stay. But in truth this love was not, and is never, directed at a specific person or situation. It may seem like that. But this deep, deep love and gratitude we are feeling here is for no earthly reason whatsoever. We are simply getting more and more in touch with our natural state…..and wow it feels soooo good!

In love and gratitude to All

Emily expressing joy at a music festival just down the street from the center:

In this video David speaks of how, when we rest in true empathy, we are happy for no earthly reason:

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