Sine shares about her experience

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Sine shares about her experience

I have studied ACIM for about 4 years now and have been around David and others for 2 ½ of those years: participating in different retreats, devotionals and as a volunteer at the Monastery in Utah for 3 months.

I am now living in the Living Miracles Spain Community, where I have lived for 2 months and am staying indefinitely.
I have experienced a profound deepening and sharpening in my mind training since coming here. The focus is on mind training all the time, no matter what we do, which has been a huge speed-up for me.

My days are pretty scheduled Monday through Saturday, with Miracle Moment in the morning, tasks from 9:30 -16:30, a noon meditation in between and a meditation after task time.
In the evenings we have a session, which can be a teaching movie, listening to a David Spreaker talk, a guided meditation or something else that feels helpful for the mind training.

I am right now cleaning and overseeing the kitchen area and gardening and video editing as well. Those are my areas to practice my mind training in. I find it a profound way to be able to get in touch with thoughts and ideas and fears in the mind that need to be released, such as perfectionism, boredom, compromise etc. I am learning to listen to and follow the Spirit and to drop compromise in following Spirit.
I find it very helpful that the days are so scheduled, even in the evening, because it gives a structure for my mind to rest in, allowing me to just do the mind training in the given task or session.

When I have task-free time I swim in the pool, rest, read, join with mighty companions or whatever I feel to do in the moment.

It is a profound gift to live in community with mighty companions that have the same goal—peace of mind.



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