Spirit inspired writing, by Anders

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Spirit inspired writing, by Anders

Spirit regularly takes Anders by the hand and Guides him to write the message that He has for him:

Unbound Love

Love cannot be bound and still remain Itself. And yet this illusion that you have the ability to change the eternal is what you have sought to learn. To believe that this is possible even to the slightest degree is the belief in hell. For whatever reason you think you have corrupted your heart’s true desire; this is the lesson that needs undoing. Freedom lies beyond it as this is where the Will of God and yours are eternally joined. You must then partake in a journey to truly see the fallacy of this unholy teaching. Fear not looking at this for it is simply untrue that it holds any true power. The uncovering of this happens when you really see it. Look then on what cannot harm you but is hiding the only function you can ever fulfill.

Where Learning Ends

The deepest cry of the heart seems silent as long as there seems to be a need for learning. You have learned the unreal and darkness remains to cloud the depths of your being until this is undone. Illusions rule where truth has been denied but there is nowhere truth cannot be. And so it is not truth that has been displaced and needs finding but you that have displaced yourself. What greater illusion could there be but this? To be without one self and where it is not cannot be true. And yet you seem to have learned exactly this. Truth needs not finding for it is not hiding. You are not bound by illusions and truth binds you forever since you are one. Seek therefore not for yourself in what can be learned but recognize that you must be beyond this. Now a displacement of illusions being beyond truth is made and in this all learning ends.

The Tiny Spark

Fear not that your call will go unheard or that what now seems like a tiny spark will die out in the surrounding darkness,for you will learn of the eternal Will in which your spark resides. Nothing can ever put it out. It was decided long ago that the light of the True shall be forever. It cannot be put out. Let then not yourself be convinced otherwise for such is foolishness. The time will come where you need no more affirmations of what is true, for you shall know that only illusions can be undone. And so lay yourself to rest as the spark inside you and you shall see the glory of the Unending unite with it. What seems like a tiny spark will unfold as a great ray of holy light. And so its Source will be known.

Stillness Remains

Stillness requires nothing from you. It is not a condition you must bring about through effort or non-effort. Stillness is the only thing here that’s certain and constant. The shadows which seem to claim your holy mind mean nothing. And yet they seem noisy and full of meaning and who can know silence in this madness? No one can. It is futile to make sense of what is eternally beyond understanding. Stillness remains. To it you belong changeless and perfect. Untouched by the madness of a world already undone stillness remains. Through every heartache, every broken dream, all the pain and fear, stillness remains unaltered and immovable. For beyond the power of your mind Truth is bound eternally to be Itself. And so stillness remains.

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  1. so beautiful and inspired, thank you 🙂

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