Sufi Dance, by Sue

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Sufi Dance, by Sue

Yesterday the invitation went out to “give all to all” in the form of an inspired extension to the group. Craig volunteered to share Sufi dancing, a seemingly paradoxical way to transcend the external and come into the still center.

As my current inspiration is to film joyous vignettes of experience, I would like to share some of the dancing with you now!

Each dancer had their own given way of expressing the ‘whirl’….

Craig and Catarina set the tone, leading us into the Sufi music, Catarina’s skirt a hypnotic flow of colors, following the mystical words:

La illaha il Allah:                There is no God but God
Er Rahman, Er Rahim:     The Compassionate, the Forgiving

Birgit and Ricki leapt up to take their turn and found a beautiful, evolving natural harmony together.

Anje’s slow entrance into the mystical Presence was palpable to all in the room.

Emily threw herself fully into the experience, and all was perfect still!

Enjoy the video, and dance with us into the Presence available to All, no matter how or what you are doing!

“Silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear.”     
- Rumi

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  1. Just marvelous, beautiful, delightful!!

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