The Road to Alozaina, by Valerie

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The Road to Alozaina, by Valerie

I have been with the Living Miracles community in Utah for a few years now. Several months ago Kris and I started getting prompts for travels. There was clear inspiration for Ireland (I hadn’t been back since I left to join the community in 2010) and Europe and invitations from California and Vancouver Island. In the ways of the world, a trip like this would need a lot of planning and substantial funds. But thankfully those rules don’t apply any longer! In one of David’s talks with the community in Kamas at the start of the year he mentioned that the means is given within the Guidance. What a beautiful unfoldment of that we have experienced. It feels that since we set off in Early May we have been so carried and looked after. I am experiencing a deeper trust developing and such gratitude for everything. It felt like a magic carpet ride through California and up to Vancouver Island and a glorious celebrational time with our friends Grace and Borys and the community up there.

And then we found ourselves on a plane to Ireland. There was no plan once we got there, the Guidance had just been to book the ticket, go to Catherine’s and await further instructions. And they came sooner than we expected! Within a few days of landing came the call to steward the community house in Alozaina. There was an immediate flurry of excitement and a clear YES! There were some thoughts of wanting to spend a little longer in Ireland to see family and friends but amazingly in those 6 days that we were there,it was all given: healing of old patterns with my mother and joyful reflections with the family, an evening with dear friends, time to join deeply with my sister and her husband and walks in nature. And within that swirl it felt like we were lifted up and transported to Spain. For me the flight to Malaga felt almost unreal. I must have got myself to the airport and on to the plane but there was no sense of effort, just being carried.

It’s been almost three weeks now in the community here. I’m so grateful for everyone here and the willingness to follow and to allow all the feelings to arise. And we’re blessed to have Frances here with us, such a bright light she is. I’m finding that stewarding is an invitation to be in constant prayer, what would you have me do Holy Spirit. And past concerns about Valerie doing a good job or being seen to be competent are falling away into the desire to let all those concepts go and just be at peace. I love the joinings with everyone and the opportunities to uncover false beliefs and remember the truth together. As we deepen together there are beautiful moments of deep deep connectedness and joy. Whether it’s being in the pool with everyone or like last night in peals of laughter after watching the Ultimate Gift when Ludvig expressed his gratitude for the guidelines and attentiveness training. It can pretty much be summed up in the title of the song Frances just played for us during the expression session:

“It Doesn’t Get Better Than This”!

Much Love and Gratitude, Val


  1. I appreciate the trust in letting go and letting the guidance come through. Living in faith. Great song there.

  2. Beautiful Val….Shine on Sistah…Shine on….Love Grace

  3. Thank you Valerie! This is perfect first thing this morning as I begin to pack up here in Nanaimo with mighties Melody and Rick. My magic carpet ride is off to community in Duncan…

  4. That’s beautiful Karen! Much much love to you and your Mighties there. xxx

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