Then and Now, by Drew

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Then and Now, by Drew

Where was I before I came here?
Hungry for answers and lost in my fear.
Praying for Spirit to come near
But resistant and scared of the Guidance I’d hear.

Secluded, isolated, alone with my lonely self,
Small candle of hope gathering dust high up on a shelf.
Standing arms outstretched, pretending I’m free,
Free to roam,
Then brought to my knees from the pain
Of not knowing the way Home.

And now, my call has been heard,
I let go of opinions that I’m completely absurd.
I’ve met brothers and sisters who walk on my path,
We lift each other up and away from the dark.
For this is a journey of the heart,
Cracking, opening, lighting up the parts
That had been forgotten and denied,
No longer running and no desire to hide.

I can see the end of the quest.
No more tests.
Losing my fear of death.
No need to fret.
My overworked mind now can rest.


  1. Aaaah, beautiful bro’ 🙂 Love, Petra

  2. Dear Drew. Thank you for your honesty. I love you.

  3. Thank YOU, Jennifer!

  4. Thank you, Petra.

  5. Love you Drew – you feel so new
    where I am you are too
    we rejoice in our Fathers embrace
    being taken care of by divine Grace
    good bye to fear
    good bye to hate
    good bye to all egoic states.

  6. In and out, up and down,
    The mind can spin round and round
    Till my forgetfulness is compounded.
    How I wish to be permanently refounded
    And remember how God’s song sounded
    In my heart
    When it pounded with Love
    And flew like a dove,
    As purposeful as an aimed dart.

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