Time to Say Goodbye, by Ursula

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Time to Say Goodbye, by Ursula

This is my last day in Alozoina for this time. When I left earlier this year after 3 weeks of joining I said, even if it seems that this door is closing right now, it will be an open door for me and I will back. And so it was. I have the same feeling now when Val will take me to the airport tomorrow morning. So I say Auf Wiedersehen, but I know that the answer to that lies in Gods hands.

My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you to each and everyone here, thank you for this beautiful possibility of Self-remembering day in and out. Thank you for the love, thank you for the friction, thank you for the challenges, thank you for your dedication. It is the same Source that prompted all of us to join here, to share this time-space continuum just in this combination. There are no accidents. Thank you for the structure, the tasks, the projects, the expressions, the miracle moments, and the meditations. Thank you David for being the master mind behind all of this. Thank you Alozaina for being this beauty on the hill soothing my soul just looking at you. Thank you church bells for letting us now when the time of prayer has come and also when it is time to return to our tasks.

It is time to say goodbye. In a far broader sense that I ever could have imagined. I find myself at the border of the abyss. Do I have the courage, do I have enough trust to let myself fall, fall, fall…. am I afraid? Oh yes, I am! Can I really leave everything, and I mean everything, behind when the house is on fire? The transition from being somebody, a sort of a VIP, into the state of being nobody is not easy. Or is it??? Might just be another of those limiting believes that need to be questioned.

I do know though that the only way out is to remember who I am in Truth. I do know now that I actually need to stay with the fear, the fear of loss, the fear of death. Be with it. Allow it to surface without hiding, defending or running away. I do know that I do need the willingness to face all the lies the ego made up of who I am. There are no shortcuts, through the darkness to the light. Thank you to all the great Masters that transmit this knowledge over and over again, in different times, in different symbols, in different forms. I am not alone and hear the Call stronger and stronger. “Come home child, do not be afraid, we will help you over the threshold. The Truth about who you are is waiting for your recognition”. And so my prayer is “Holy Spirit please choose God for me; please, let trust and faith be my eternal guiding stars”.

Right now I have the extreme longing for absolute silence. No more words. Keep quiet and “marinate in your own Being” as Mooji puts it. Let my last word be Silence.

This beautiful song is my goodbye gift for you.



  1. Auf Wiedersehen Ursula, love Val xxxx

  2. I love you, Ursula!

  3. Thanks for your sharing. Beautiful song.

  4. A bientôt Ursula! Big big Hug….

  5. Big thank you, dearest Ursula……
    Beautiful words, beautiful song pouring out to the valley in “Deva”, reminding that we are ALL joined, always !

  6. Viel Gluck auf al deiner Wegen u. bis bald liebe Ursula!! : )

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