Today’s Miracle Moment by Drew

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Today’s Miracle Moment by Drew

I had not checked the new weekly schedule last night so I awoke this morning not knowing that I was on Miracle Moment until 10 minutes beforehand. I always like to spend some time thinking about it, since the point of MM is to lead the group into a focused thought for the day. I sat with my usual coffee and cigarette and pondered my feelings “how do I feel this morning? what would I like to share? Spirit, please help me know what to share.”

My default is to refer to The Gifts of God by Helen Schucman. I am deeply moved and inspired by her poetry and within the turn of 2 pages I had found ‘The Quiet Dream’. It reads like a prayer and that’s what I shared.

We like to share music and songs in MM too, so with 5 minutes left I went to YouTube with a specific artist in mind but I was unsure of the song to share. As I rapidly browsed the artist’s page I saw a song entitled ‘Home’, and from the first note knew it was not a fitting vibe for MM but then my eyes caught sight of another title that instantly sent a surge of ‘Yes!’ within me. I listened to the first minute of the song, read the lyrics and was blown away yet again by how Spirit comes through for me when I ask for help. So, the song I played was by Nick Cave. Here are the lyrics:

“God Is In The House”

We’ve laid the cables and the wires
We’ve split the wood and stoked the fires
We’ve lit our town so there is no
Place for crime to hide
Our little church is painted white
And in the safety of the night
We all go quiet as a mouse
For the word is out
God is in the house
God is in the house
God is in the house
No cause for worry now
God is in the house

Moral sneaks in the White House
Computer geeks in the school house
Drug freaks in the crack house
We don’t have that stuff here
We have a tiny little Force
But we need them of course
For the kittens in the trees
And at night we are on our knees
As quiet as a mouse
For God is in the house
God is in the house
God is in the house
And no one’s left in doubt
God is in the house

Homos roaming the streets in packs
Queer bashers with tyre-jacks
Lesbian counter-attacks
That stuff is for the big cities
Our town is very pretty
We have a pretty little square
We have a woman for a mayor
Our policy is firm but fair
Now that God is in the house
God is in the house
God is in the house
Any day now He’ll come out
God is in the house

Well-meaning little therapists
Goose-stepping twelve-stepping Tetotalitarianists
The tipsy, the reeling and the drop down pissed
We got no time for that stuff here
Zero crime and no fear
We’ve bred all our kittens white
So you can see them in the night
And at night we’re on our knees
As quiet as a mouse
Since the word got out
From the North down to the South
For no-one’s left in doubt
There’s no fear about
If we all hold hands and very quietly shout
God is in the house
God is in the house
Oh I wish He would come out
God is in the house

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  1. love love love <3

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