Abundant Tour Miracles with ❤ The Open Heart ❤, by Petra

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Abundant Tour Miracles with ❤ The Open Heart ❤, by Petra

After one month of preparation as the Tour Coordinator, and 1 day (!) before the actual launch of the Europe tour; Helena, Al & Ludvig asked me to come along with them… In my heart I knew immediately what I had to say, and I threw myself on the bed where they sat, and screamed yes (many times)!!!

The answer to my prayers
The day before I had specifically asked the Spirit to show me what to choose in order to stay on this fast track of healing the mind. I had expressed that I was willing to give up anything I was still holding onto in form. The Open Heart’s invitation truly felt like my next step and the answer to my prayers!
Fairy tale miracle
From the moment I said “Yes” I am showered with so many miracles that I feel like being on a permanent trip. To give a few examples in form: I booked the cheapest hostel nearby the airport for our 1 night “stay over” before an early flight from Malaga to Copenhagen. It turned out to be a fairy tale like place with a gorgeous garden, friendly staff and a very nicely decorated room with even an own veranda with comfy seats to join for us outside.
First class miracle
During the flight, after Al had expressed we needed to catch a train to Sweden, the four of us got first class seats where even Ludvig could stretch out his long legs! And the story continues with countless holy encounters.

Car angels miracle
One of those holy encounters were on our way to Cornwall, when the car just died. It didn’t give a single sound to it when I turned the key in the ignition! First it was said to be a “serious technical problem” by the ones that first looked at it. Ludvig then felt the prompt to ask two guy’s that showed up, and miraculously one of them knew everything of how to fix the mobile home’s start motor in just a few minutes!!! We were all just bathing in the Joy together!!!

Car Angels UK!!!

Car angels in the UK <3

Cottage miracle
Then we arrived at Anje’s adorable cottage like place, for the next concert and retreat, in a gorgeous little British town in Cornwall. We had the whole house to ourselves to rest up and prepare for the next concert and movie retreat for that weekend.

Abundant communications
“Abundant communications”
Next car angel
Catherine F. and Dan flew from Ireland, to join our retreat in England, and Catherine D. flew in from Manchester. The three of them helped us to pack up the car after the retreat, and the car didn’t start again; and this time we had a pre-paid ferry to catch. Dan also showed up to be our next car angel, and he followed the instructions of the previous ones, and wrooom – there the engine went strong again! All of us feel a joy every time it does start!!! Not taking anything for granted, but just feeling the gratitude.Yes, it got started again!!!
Dan, Catherine, and Catherine dancing in the streets!!!
OH petra repairsBelt holder miracle
On our drive from England, the safety belt holder for the drivers seat stopped working. We felt the prompt to go and find a new one, and miracles abound again! To find such a thing, for a motor home of 1987(!), the Spirit brought us quickly to get the exact right part and we could continue our miracoulous ride! And even in that, it was still the biggest gift to me to watch the Spirit’s certainty through Helena, as she went about it even though two of the car guys hesitated to begin with. I watched her speaking with such a clearness, and how they both could join with her in that, and see that they actually did have what they thought they didn’t!:)
“Me in the pure Joy of “machanicing” the car!!!
Backdrop for mindtraining
As everything in the Living Miracles community, this tour and my function as the Tour Coordination is being used as a backdrop for mindtraining. This means that we use this tour to collaborate with the Spirit, in a very intense way while listening to the Holy Spirit only.
Of course resistance, fears and upsets which are still left in the mind do come up quickly in this very concentrated setting. To give a bit of a context: a great deal of the time, we live together in the mobile home with a bit of space for all of us to sleep, one carry on bag each, the sound equipment and the materials for the concerts and retreats. From the outside this might look like a real “straight jacket” since there is absolutely no way to escape with any ego thoughts. However, from the inside there is a completely different feel to it!
Honey like sensation
I do realize that the true miracles are happening in my mind. I really don’t seem to have any problem and I am certainly not the “metaphysically-surpassing-stuff” kind of type. I did mind checks for years and right now I honestly cannot come up with any upset or annoyance. However, I do feel a lovely honey like sensation within me all day long. I do see everything in a sweet soft glow. I laugh and chuckle, sometimes for minutes about something like having a nice cup of coffee or a warm shower. At night when I wake up, I feel this buzzing and humming going on and I feel thoroughly: I am safe, I am so loved and oh how I love Him so!!!


  1. that´s simply …great Petra! 🙂 blessings,

  2. Thanks Michael, sweet!

  3. The biggest hug ever just for you dearest Petra. It feels so good to read your impressions, was wonderful to meet and hug you. In love for ever.

  4. Yessss 100% likewise Ursula! x

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