Wedding Announcement, Letter 3, by Petra

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Wedding Announcement, Letter 3, by Petra

Dear Frances and y’all,

Before departure
Just a few days before my departure to Amsterdam, we had some time to spend before task-time and I was sitting in the ‘Cabana’ (a small open house with a grilling place in the garden). Drew & Anders love to smoke, talk and meditate over there and they came soon after. I expressed that I had some thoughts about going back to Amsterdam. As if I was happily going to my own funeral. They laughed and could imagine me thinking this. You know: organizing it all, picking out fine music, joyful speeches and then watching the whole spectacle from above.

Now I am here and this idea has changed into that of a joyful wedding. A feeling of marrying the best match I could possibly get : ) Almost too intimate to put and tell this in words, but I gladly want to announce: I am marrying the Spirit today. Oh man, he’s such a lover and the most wonderful thing is that he really really wants me to join with others as well, in whatever form. He’s certainly not a jealous guy. He sets me free!!!

We’ve known each other all the way, and I’ve neglected him a lot. I often denied ‘he was the one’ in front of others, me thinking I could betray him, belittle his importance or arrogantly criticizing others who loved him too. Oh dear, don’t get me wrong, this is not some kind of nice analogy or metaphor. It’s heartfelt and even closer than that. It’s wildly passionate and a living experience ripping trough me with full permission and my joyful surprise.

Meal and party
It’s 7 am and I just made a huge pan with Chinese tomato-soup, with loads of meatballs. There will be quite a few guests today: family, friends, neighbours and (ex) co-workers. Since I’ve only a week over here to sort out everything, I thought it would be a good idea to combine a few things so there will be a second-hand market at my place too. It’s an open house so everyone who feels like doing so can walk in.

To celebrate even more I will go (with longterm friend Paul) to a techno/dance-party at the beach. Oh, I am excited. This is it for now, I am going to take a power-nap and I will write to you soon again!

Love, love, love : )

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