Welcome! by Jenny

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Welcome! by Jenny


We invite you to join us in our Devotional Life, for a weekend, or of course for longer if you wish! It is such a rich life letting Spirit lead and having the courage to uncover the ego. It is a privilege for me to be here with my beautiful friends. Truly!

I must say that everyone is so courageous and it is a joy to behold the freedom and the peace that the uncovering of ego fear-thoughts and beliefs are unveiling. The pure result of this letting go is a clear Experience in the mind! It is now a time to join and collaborate; a time to get together! To be together! A friend just called and said he has felt for the past year that this is a time to heal the broken Sonship, to let the pieces come together. And Yes! this is happening! Aaaaaahhh.. Do feel so free to connect with the ones you feel prompted to connect with! It’s like hesitation can’t even be an obstacle anymore! We may not know why we feel to call or join with someone, but the prompt is there that we may just follow and experience the glorious fruit of a spontaneous reaching out! What better use of time could there be??!!

406668_10151382224393185_1955830180_nI feel the pure communion in the heart with everyone, and this experience can’t but be increased by giving and receiving, extending and sharing! Oh, the Love! Even to share and talk about the blocks in the mind helps you to join. Fearful thoughts are only fearful because they are kept hidden, and not for what they are. There is sooo much forgiveness and so much freedom available! The forgiving heart is so soft.. You can have infinite patience with what’s calling for healing, and truly see immediate results! What I feel here is the precision of Spirit. If I dare to speak the Spirit’s words; what I feel is called for in the moment, the result of trust is so apparent. The result of miracles and peace! We have nothing to lose, and all peace will be ours! There is no time to lose in taking the steps in the great undoing of what never was!

The Fruit and the blessing we experience from Following is abundantly Rich! We only need to show up for this moment! Stop all planning, Now! And you are Blessed! Your heart is Resting in a Peace so deep that it is beyond understanding. The ego is the only planner. The ego is the only judge, and oh does it seem to be able to fulfill its function well in this world.

What chaos the ego seems to be able to make. Once it’s made it, it wants to sort it. It makes enormous attempts to make order in chaos, and add meaning to it, and connect the pieces that never can connect. The ego says: this is because of that, and this of this! No no no! The only causation is in the mind. The world of form can never be organized; it can never be made sense of. The sooner you see this the sooner you will have freedom and joy in your heart!

Love & Freedom to All!



  1. Love, Jenny!

  2. Oh so beautiful Jenny! I feel the good good vibe, love Petra

  3. Thank you so much Jenny



  4. I love your words “there is no time to lose in taking the steps in the great undoing of what never was” Thank you Jenny!

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